In this episode of “Local Voices Bluffton,” hosts Sam Springer and Jim Enneking interview Jon Kinn, Funeral Director at Chiles-Laman Funeral & Cremation Services. Jon shares his journey from mowing the lawn at a funeral home in seventh grade to becoming a licensed funeral director in 2000 after studying management, marketing, and mortuary science. He explains the differences between a funeral director and a mortician, emphasizing that one can be a funeral director without being an embalmer.

Jon discusses the rising trend of cremation in Bluffton and the various options available for handling ashes, including unique choices like creating diamonds or sending ashes into orbit. He stresses the importance of pre-planning funerals to ease the burden on families, noting that pre-paid plans are transferable and can be protected in irrevocable trusts. Jon advises families to have open conversations about their funeral preferences to ensure their wishes are respected. The episode offers valuable insights into the funeral industry and highlights the compassionate role funeral directors play in supporting grieving families.