Bluffton Community Calendar Launches in February 2024

The Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce is elated to introduce a groundbreaking enhancement designed to keep our community informed, engaged, and seamlessly connected. Allow us to present the Village of Bluffton Community Calendar—your ultimate destination for consolidating all local events, activities, and gatherings into one centralized, accessible platform!

The Need for a Unified Calendar

As our village continues to flourish, so does the number of dynamic organizations, clubs, schools, and community groups serving our community. While each entity diligently plans and hosts its events, workshops, and activities, there’s been a growing need for a unified platform where residents can effortlessly discover and engage with these events.

Powering Connections with Yodel Community Connections

Recognizing this need, we’re happy to announce that the Bluffton Community Calendar harnesses the robust capabilities of the Yodel Community Connections engine. This state-of-the-art engine specializes in aggregating calendars from various organizations, ensuring that our community members have a comprehensive view of all local happenings in one place.

Key Features of the Community Calendar

  1. Comprehensive Listings: From charity fundraisers and school events to club meetings and village-wide celebrations, find them all on one community calendar.
  2. Search and Filter Options: Locate events based on date range, organization, or location with a simple search and filter feature.
  3. Regularly Updated: Organization calendars are merged in near real time, ensuring the calendar remains current with the latest activities and gatherings.
  4. Mobile-Friendly Design: Access the calendar anytime, anywhere, from any device, ensuring you’re always in the know about local events.
  5. Seamless Integration: While the community calendar provides a consolidated view, individual organizations can continue managing their specific calendars, ensuring seamless updates and accuracy.
  6. Chamber Member Access: Chamber members can add events through the Chamber Member Portal at no cost.

How to Access the Community Calendar?

Getting started with the Bluffton Community Calendar is straightforward:

  1. Visit our official village website at,, or
  2. Navigate to the ‘Community Calendar’ section prominently displayed on the homepage.
  3. Organizations eager to add their events can contact the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce at

The Calendar will be available in February of 2024.

Get Involved!

We firmly believe that an informed community is a powerful community. Whether you’re a resident seeking local activities, an organization planning an event, or a business exploring collaboration opportunities, the Bluffton Community Calendar, powered by Yodel Community Connections, is your go-to resource.

We warmly invite all organizations, clubs, schools, and community groups to actively participate. Together, we can nurture community spirit, amplify local initiatives, and ensure the Village of Bluffton remains a vibrant hub of activity, connection, and collaboration.

Wrapping Up

The debut of the Bluffton Community Calendar, powered by Yodel Community Connections, signifies a monumental leap forward in enhancing community engagement, fostering collaboration, and spotlighting all that makes our village exceptional. We’re enthusiastic about this transformative initiative and eagerly anticipate seeing you at our upcoming local events!

Stay connected, stay informed, and let’s cherish every moment in the Village of Bluffton!