The Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce is working with Hometown Stations again this year to offer TV advertising package for our members. The details are listed below.

The Spots

  • Each spot is 30 seconds
  • Each spot runs 40 times during the month
  • Branded with the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Open to Chamber members in good standing
  • Require a 2 month commitment
  • Ads will run day and evening (these are not late night spots)

The Cost

  • $200 for a third (about 8 seconds)
  • $300 for half an ad (about 12 seconds)
  • $600 for a full ad (about 24 seconds)
  • About 6 seconds for the Chamber.
  • We must fill a full 30 second spot before the ad can be produced. We will make every attempt to not group you with a similar business in the same ad. You can view last year’s spots here: Bluffton Chamber Ad.

If you have any questions, or would like to buy an ad, please contact the Chamber at